Zoo in China disguised dog as lion

No lion in your zoo? No problem. Just give a dog the right haircut, and no-one will be any the wiser.

This theory failed to prove true at the People's Park Zoo in China's Henan province, which labeled a blond Tibetan Mastiff as an "African Lion" in its exhibit of exotic animals. The ruse was uncovered, according to Beijing Youth Daily, when the king of the jungle barked at visitors.

Visitors to the zoo, which charges 15 Yuan ($2.50) for admission, also reported the same trick being pulled in the Wolf pavilion -- and that a "Leopard" was, in fact, a fox.

Notable Replies

  1. although, this does give me an idea... an all "dogs dressed as other animals" zoo.

  2. One of my alltime favorite photos, used it as a screen background. The dog just looks so happy to be "dressed up".

    Some chow puppy pandas

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