UK Serious Crime Agency proposes ban on small cellphones that don't look like cellphones

The UK Serious Organised Crime Agency is having a total freakout about miniature phones that look like automobile keyfobs, like this one. They are apparently being smuggled into prisons (and many are marketed for this purpose), and so SOCA is contemplating a ban on cellphones that are small and don't look like cellphones. Which will totally work. Totally.

If SOCA sounds familiar, that's because they're the ones who covered up serious crimes by the richest and most powerful companies and individuals in the country and are still not cooperating in their prosecution.

"We're now working closely with the Serious Organised Crime Agency and Trading Standards to remove these small mobiles from sale in the UK, as well as legislating to block phone signals in prisons."

More than 7,000 phones and Sim cards were confiscated in prisons in England and Wales last year.

UK considers ban on mobile phones like car key fobs [Leo Kelion/BBC]

Notable Replies

  1. Check out "Zoolander." When they get that small, I'll pick one up.

  2. DEFUND, DEFUND, DEFUND these cartoonish agencies. We don't need them. They do not serve you, the public, or the country in this case the UK.

    The only bill I want to see past in the US are bills that repeal. The answer to authoritarianism is to deauthorize and defund.

  3. Wouldn't it make more sense to simply use things that disrupt mobile phone radio signals inside prisons? That seems like a much more effective solution to the problem.

  4. Hardly a clever disguise, why would prisoners be carrying around car keys?

  5. I had the same thought... as presumably every sane person did?

    Maybe they could ban car keys in prisons... or, you know, any sort of contraband without a clear use to the prisoner, as presumably is already the case. All this highlights is the fact that they're completely powerless to control what gets smuggled in and out of the prisons. Small cellphones are not going to go away, and will only get smaller and hidden in even more innocuous items (like... rock hammers maybe).

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