Complete your kitchen with 8 high-quality Japanese knives for under $110

TL;DR: Tackle all your slicing and dicing needs with this 8-piece Japanese knife set that comes with a gift set, now only $109.97 (reg. $429) through May 1!

You can't cook properly without the right knives! Having high-quality kitchen tools is a must to make great food, but those utensils don't have to break the bank. You can now buy a high-quality set of eight Japanese knives for only $109.97 (reg. $429) through May 1.

These knives are from Seido™, which is committed to bringing amateur cooks and pro chefs the best knives at great price points. Crafted out of high-carbon stainless steel, each knife is extremely durable and designed to last, regardless of what you're chopping.

Unlike Western-style knives, which usually have edge angles of 25 degrees, Seido™'s handmade Japanese blades have 15-degree edge angles, which makes for a sharper, more powerful cutting experience. You can slice and dice your meal prep like never before!

Each knife also has Damascus etched blades for a little flair, and an ergonomic Pakka wooden handle for extra control and comfort even during lengthy food prep sessions.

With this Japanese knife set, you'll have an arsenal of blades varying in length and thickness for any chopping need, whether you need to dice your veggies, hack through tough cuts of meat, slice bread, or prepare other ingredients!

This Seido™ set includes the following:

  • An 8" Chef's Knife: for everyday chopping needs
  • An 8" Slicing Knife: the right choice for thinly slicing veggies, meat, and more
  • An 8" Bread Knife: designed for slicing baked goods and bread
  • A 7" Cleaver: to handle tough meats and even saw through bones
  • A 7" Santoku Knife: for thinner and finer slices
  • A 5" Santoku Knife: designed to tackle fruits and veggies
  • A 6" Boning Knife: to neatly tear away meat from the bones and joints of meat and fish
  • A 3.5" Paring knife: for precise cuts

Along with the knives, you'll score a gift box. It's a safe, secure place to store your knives when you're not using them to craft the perfect meal. It also makes it easy to gift these gorgeous knives to a fellow home chef!

Upgrade your kitchen tools and change the way you meal prep.

Get the Seido™ Japanese Master Chef's 8-Piece Knife Set with a Gift Box for just $109.97 through May 1 at 11:59 PM Pacific.

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