Pfc. Manning transitions gender: 'I am Chelsea.'


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  1. maggiekb

    A public figure has asked the public to respect her transition. That is news, if for no other reason than the fact that conscience should also dictate that she deserves our respect in this, as well as in the other brave decisions she's made. Are we supposed to ignore this and keep referring to her as a man? How exactly does that respect her?

    As for WTFC? How about lots of young trans men and women across America who now know that they have one hell of a role model?

  2. BurntHombre

    Let me try this again. Do they have any grounds on which to deny Manning this treatment? Recent case law seems to say no.

  3. timquinn

    This is news because it has come up over and over again in comments. If she wants to talk about it I think it is great. We need more examples of principled people standing up for themselves.

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