Single male cat quickly turns into a mama cat when he meets 6 kittens in need (video)

When a veterinary assistant brought home six kittens from a junkyard that was populated with feral cats, she kept them cordoned off from her two other cats. She thought she'd foster them until they were old enough to be neutered and adopted, but her male cat, Bundy, had other plans.

Even though Bundy, who kept trying to barge into the the kittens' room, initially growled when he was finally permitted to see them, his paternal instinct quickly kicked in. Not only did he insist on staring at the kittens, after three days he started to pick them up — or "scruff" them — according to Newsweek, and "his entire demeanor changed."

"From that point, he would start bringing them out to the living room, putting them on the carpet, on the couch," his human mom told Newsweek, and "he started grooming them." In other words, once he was needed, the single male cat transformed into a foster mom cat, and a mighty good one at that. (See video below, posted by bowtie.bundy.)

Or, as the video's caption says, "He's not the Stepdad, he's the Dad who stepped up."

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