Linotype machines are awesome


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  1. borisbartlog

    Just mostly lead. . Getting the casting alloy to have all the right properties was actually a really big deal.
    I guess it's better to be safe than sorry, but at normal casting temperatures the vapor pressure of lead is zero. Unless there was observable dust of some kind I would have stayed.

  2. mike_robinson

    As someone who is not the neatest typer (so far this comment has had 4 corrections), this machine is giving me a panic attack.

  3. ColleenP

    My dad used to work on a Linotype so I sent him a link to your post. Here's his response:

    That was a really cool video. I wish I had seen it before I started
    learning the trade. It was a fascinating piece of machinery. Too bad
    they didn't show the pitfalls of operating one. When it wasn't
    operated correctly you had a gigantic mess of lead squirting all over
    the place and causing several hours of cleanup and repair. That's
    about all I ever accomplished on a linotype. Thank God for the advent
    of what was called "cold type", (in other words, no hot lead). I'm
    not sure I could have ever mastered the keyboard (which is totally
    different than a typewriter) and the intricacies of the linotype
    machine. Now I want to see a video on the composition of the lead
    type into page makeup done by the floor men. I was learning that part
    also. I could do the simple composition, but the intricate page
    layout of an advertisement or chart could be really tricky and amazing
    to watch when a journeyman floor man was at work. It all brings back
    some great memories.

    Just thought some of you might find it interesting.

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