Drum maniacs Buddy Rich and Ed Shaughnessy, 1978

The late great Buddy Rich and Ed Shaughnessy, who died earlier this year, burn up the skins on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, August 11, 1978. (via John Curley)

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  1. There's always good entertainment to be had in the YouTube comments if you suggest the name of any drummer you like more than Buddy Rich.

    I personally don't like to use the word "best" to describe artists and musicians, but the Buddy Rich people seem quite attracted to it.

  2. Animal is better, and he proved it by violently smashing a drum on Buddy's head.

  3. I'm afraid I'll need to see some proof...ahh:

  4. B.R. gets points for frenzy, showmanship and grimace.

    E.S. gets points for technique, good nature and impressive sideburns.

    All in all: a Battle for The Ages.

  5. Pretty spectacular, although visually it would have worked MUCH better if the drummers would have been among Doc and his Orchestra, instead of alone on a stage in front of a curtain.

    So my thoughts turn to, still the master, Mister Gene Krupa to you, buddies:

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