Vocals from B-side of Abbey Road

JOSIV5 isolated the vocals from the 16:11 medley on the B-side of the Beatles' Abbey Road. They're unexpectedly lush and gorgeous and ripe for mashing up.

Hear the Isolated Vocal Tracks for The Beatles’ Climactic 16-Minute Medley on Abbey Road

(via MeFi)

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  1. How on earth do they do this? Were the original tapes found? I studied signal processing back in the 20th Century, and I simply can't imagine a process that could separate the human voice from the guitar... besides the human brain, but its outputs are really lossy.

  2. I was wondering the same thing. The comments hypothesize that it was extracted from the Rock Band game tracks--those guys often get access to masters that no one else is allowed. It'd be amazing if someone made an actual process that could do that.

    I notice that whatever these guys did isn't quite perfect--you can faintly hear the music in the background of some bits.

  3. pjcamp says:

    I've listened to this since it came out and never noticed the little finger snaps and such. I assume those are not artifacts.

    I've always thought this was the most seamless and unified album side ever produced. Only the B side of American Beauty comes close.

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