Ghosts With Shit Jobs goes to the Beijing Film Festival

I've told you before about Ghosts With Shit Jobs, Jim Munroe's mockumentary about "a future where China's the first world and North America’s the third world." Jim and co took the movie to the Beijing International Film Festival and documented their experience showing it to a Chinese audience.

Co-director Tate Young interviewed BIFF-goers earlier this year on what they thought about the premise of our flick, and got lots of great city shots to boot, in this 6.5 minute mini-doc.

It’s now four years since we began this project and it’s been quite a trip — literally and figuratively. Since its London, England premiere last year we’ve toured with the movie to nearly 20 cities across the world. Figured it merits its own commemorative tour t-shirt, which you can buy at cost for the next week (mens | ladies). It’s got all the cities on the back!

Our BIFF Experience (Thanks, Jim!)

Notable Replies

  1. I found quite interesting the reaction of Chinese spectators, specially when one of them talked about harmony and then I thought:

    It is REALLY necessary for the First World to exist to have a Third World? It is necessary for us to soar? It´s our system based purely in the exploitation of the weak?

    And now I feel like shit.

  2. Thanks so much for this thoughtful comment. I often feel like capitalism is a pyramid scheme.

  3. I often feel like capitalism is a pyramid scheme.

    Without proper regulation, it is. It's all about pushing the costs of externalities off on other people. Whether they be the poor in other countries or future generations who haven't even been born yet.

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