Ferdinando Buscema: magic, wonder, and ingenuity

Ferdinando Buscema is a magic experience designer whose work draws from mechanical engineering, sleight-of-hand, and his explorations of hermetic traditions. We couldn't have asked for a more astonishing opening presentation at Boing Boing: Ingenuity, our theatrical experience that took place at a former Masonic Lodge in San Francisco on August 18. During his performance, video above, Buscema revealed the final secret of the Illuminati, and guessed my password, which I have since changed. We look forward to future collaborations with Ferdinando whose wizardry and warmth is an inspiration to Happy Mutants everywhere! Get illuminated.

Boing Boing: Ingenuity in partnership with Ford C-Max.

Notable Replies

  1. Having been in the audience, I have to say the video and audio production of the videos from this live event have been high quality. Kudos.

    PS- I look forward to subscribing to your newsletter.

  2. Is he saying 'Julian Wheel'?

    edit: aha it's 'Llulian Wheel'

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