Chris McCandless was the hiker and simple living advocate who died from starvation in Denali National Park in 1992. His story was later made into a book and movie called Into the Wild. But there's always been something a little weird about McCandless' death. How did a guy dedicated to back-to-the-land knowledge and safe foraging end up starving to death? At The New Yorker, writer Jon Krakauer explains how the mystery of McCandless' death was finally solved. The evidence points to a secret of food chemistry with ties to Nazi death camps.

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  1. blaisepascal

    This article solved for me an unrelated mystery. Oliver Sacks described a patient of his with a crippling untreatable neurological disease caused by being forced to eat "chick beans" in a Nazi concentration camp. I have never been able to identify what "chick beans" were, or to confirm that it wasn't a mistype for "chick peas", which I do eat.

    Now I know "chick beans" are a mystype for "grass pea", also known as chickling vetch.

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