Welcome to Fear City: a guide to scare tourists away from NYC

Islandersa1 has scanned Welcome to Fear City, an amazing, never-distributed 1970s flier aimed at scaring the pants off of tourists in NYC, produced by the police union, who were looking for more funding. (via Super Punch)

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  1. I lived in New Jersey during the 80s, and we'd often go do things in the city. A friend of my wife's was visiting from LA, and she'd always heard about how scary NYC and especially the subways were, but my wife convinced her it was really no problem and they'd have a good time, so ok, friend goes into the city with her, and they go to some museums. And as they were walking into the subway, some crazy woman punched my wife in the head, decked her, and started yelling at her about something. (She was ok, but it really didn't help her friend's opinions of the city.) Go figure, it's NYC.

  2. So in reality this pamphlet was just a negotiation tactic from the unions? I do note the refrain throughout it that the police and fire brigades were underfunded. Or was it intended as a way to scare donors, a sort of extortion that unless a certain amount was paid, they would start distributing these flyers nationally?

    Goes off to read the article

    Yep. This was a negotiation tactic to stave off mass layoffs, and apparently an effective one.

  3. When I arrived at night to visit my friends in New York in 1989 I said "Let's go check out 42nd street." I was making a game of saying "No thank you!" to the crack dealers in an exaggerated midwestern accent. Next thing I knew I was on the ground thinking they wanted to rough me up for being a smartass about the crack, but then I realized it was a mugging. Once my very skinny friend and his girlfriend saw what was happening they turned around and said "Let him go." They got off me one by one because they didn't want to deal with someone who was not alone. And they didn't even get my money.

    Lessons learned: Don't ask for trouble. Bring backup.

    I'd still want to visit New York. People who are careful and don't make stupid decisions regarding tourism in red light districts seem to do ok there.

  4. Somebody should make an updated version warning about the police.

  5. This looks like the current fear mongering pushed by those whose profits, jobs and authority are dependent on keeping marijuana illegal.

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