Kickstarting free, open recordings of Bach's "Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1"


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  1. Robert_Douglass

    Got it. For me, I look forward to an internet that actually knows how to read music. I look forward to a time when a text-based language, such as music notation, is not treated as an esoteric 3rd-class citizen on the internet. Our browsers can render 3D models of objects, represent whole universes for MMORPGs, draw SVG, run spreadsheets, do video chat, and so much more, but they can't print a Middle C (natively). They can't play an F#. And a universal language that is so central to our experience as humans - music - something that has been written consistently for centuries, can't be copied and pasted between programs. I see MuseScore editions of public domain works as a first step in building a critical mass of actual digital scores, and I expect that eventually, hopefully, the capabilities of the internet will finally evolve to utilize these libraries.

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