Better way to organize kids' clothing departments

Ever since our daughter's birth, my wife Alice and I have found ourselves shopping the "boys" section of the department stores for things like pyjamas and tees and rubber boots, this being the only way to get stuff that isn't pink, covered in glitter, hypersexualized (you should see some of the nighties they make for three year old girls!) and generally lame. After the latest round of this, Alice got fed up and came up with a great suggestion for re-organizing kids' departments:

I would like to propose this cost-saving and socially positive exercise:

1. Ditch BOYS and GIRLS

2. Replace with ADVENTUROUS, HEROIC, FUNNY, CUTE, CLEVER, EDGY, CASUAL, SMART. Have unisex in both, with some specific options in girl or boy body cuts only where necessary (you'd be surprised how few there are, really, and it might get boys wearing leggings and such, which would be AWESOME).

Manufacturing costs: lowered. Shopping experience: more interesting. This is the sort of thing they could A/B test with the website so easily, too.

I had to go to the Boys' section to get Poesy these clothes

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  1. The part where they are comfortable, and allow for a greater range of movement than little boy's jeans.

  2. I hated jeans as a kid for just that reason. As a nerd who didn't care what anyone thought of how he looked, I ended up wearing pretty much all sweatpants until high school, and even then it took sustained prompting from both my older sisters to change my ways.

  3. Ah, shades of horrible things to come. My mother-in-law had tubs of hand-me-down baby clothes sorted by "girl", "boy" and "gender neutral". In reality, they were basically "girl", "normal human being", and "plain white onesies". We took home all three and Althea will wear a mixture. But I really really really really really am already hating the little girl clothing industry that treats small female people as strange creatures that are only interested in pink, sparkles, and shopping princesses. It's vile.

  4. Seki says:

    It worked great until she was around age 5, when the other girls at daycare convinced her that she had to wear pink and only pink.

    Ugh I hate the fact that this brainwash/socialization is impossible to avoid. Our girl enjoyed a wide variety of colours, toys and subjects until one day, suddenly, it was "Princess!Princess! Princess!" everything. We were completely stumped since we don't have TV and had never bought 'princess' branded stuff. Then we figured it out: She had been babysat at a friend's house a couple of times... with 3 slightly older girls. That did it.

    Fortunately, she mostly got over it after a couple of months. While we had to add some princessy stuff among the rest, her own tastes and idiosyncrasies are shining through again. This is really all we care about: We don't think she should hate stereotypically girly/princessy stuff, but we don't wish for her to completely limit her own range of tastes because of outside influences.

  5. In what way are a hyper-muscled Superman and the remnants of a dead human better then the glittery Hello Kitty outfits and pink princess-y crap? For me and my wife, both alternatives seem equally inappropriate for 3-year-olds.

    Colorful, non-branded, fun. Is that so hard (actually, it is, I know)?

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