Ukulele Ike sings while lit cigarettes are plucked from his orifices

Here's a great clip of Cliff "Ukulele Ike" Edwards (the voice of Jiminy Cricket!) singing; as Dooley sez, "Ike does what he does best, singing and wailing on the ukulele, while lady magician pulls lit cigarettes out of him. Can someone please tell me her name?"

Cliff Edwards HIGH QUALITY Ukelele Ike "It's magic" (Thanks, Dooley!)

Notable Replies

  1. Suzy Wandas, perhaps.

    Edited to add a short video.

  2. I little more SFW than I was hoping for, entertaining nonetheless smile

  3. A lady magician! Cool! And he can do the trick too, so he's a man magician!

  4. Hey, what's Danny from the Hawaii Five-0 remake doing applauding at the end there?

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