Awesome decoupage superhero Chucks

Phil Torrone from Adafruit sez, "Here's a project from one of our team members at Adafruit. These cool Chucks are the work of Angel Rodriguez, one of our shippers. Not only is Angel gifted with lightning shipping speed, she's also got some sick wearable decoupage skills. She made these Jean Grey/Phoenix shoes (and the equally cool box) for one of her coworkers."

chucks! (Thanks, Phil!)

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  1. Honestly I'm not concerned about the whole made in the USA thing. But I have noticed that with Chucks, price went up and quality suffered around when they move production to Indonesia. I'm sure this would have happened regardless of where the decided to make them, as the whole thing seemed to coincide with a massive shift toward expansive branding over product quality so far as converse was concerned.

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