Elfquest back in comic stores

The one-shot prologue to Elfquest's forthcoming Final Quest, premiered here at Boing Boing earlier this year, is now available in print at comic stores and online through publisher Dark Horse's official app. Elfquest, the story of a tribe of savage elves and their search for peace, place and meaning, is the longest-running creator-owned indie comic still going—and we've got five signed copies to give away, along with some other Dark Horse swag. These are a limited edition released for the New York Comic-Con, and you cannot buy them. Except on eBay.

If you want it, simply share Elfquest's just-redesigned homepage on Twitter. If you're lucky enough to get pulled out of the point-eared hat, we'll be in touch. Saying something funny, or clever, or touching, or weird won't hurt your chances.

UPDATE: Thanks for your tweets! Congratulations to @ostrjoy, @LdySkyfire, @nerd2yourmother, @Sketchpad_D, and @ThorTram!

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  1. Maintaining my refusal to sign up for Twitter is becoming increasingly difficult.

  2. I'll wrap it up in a couple of days, assuming the tweets cease.

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