Web Literacy Standard 1.0 from Mozilla

Mozilla has shipped the 1.0 of its Web Literacy Standard: "a map of the territory for the skills and competencies Mozilla and community think are important to get better at to more effectively read, write & participate on the Web." It's a noble effort, and it's meant to be a baseline for people who want to develop teaching programs, curriculum, and identify Web resources that will aid in promoting Web literacy.

Participating on the web

Sharing and Collaborating Jointly creating and providing access to web resources:
* Sharing a resource using an appropriate tool and format for the audience
* Tracking changes made to co-created web resources
* Choosing a web tool to use for a particular contribution/collaboration
* Co-creating web resources
* Configuring notifications to keep up to date with community spaces and interactions
* Using synchronous and asynchronous tools to communicate with web communities, networks and groups

Community Participation Getting involved in web communities and understanding their practices:
* Encouraging participation in web communities
* Using constructive criticism in a group or community setting
* Configuring settings within tools used by online communities
* Participating in both synchronous and asynchronous discussions
* Expressing opinions appropriately in web discussions
* Defining different terminology used within online communities

Privacy Examining the consequences of sharing data online:
* Identifying rights retained and removed through user agreements
* Taking steps to secure non-encrypted connections
* Explaining ways in which computer criminals are able to gain access to user information
* Managing the digital footprint of an online persona
* Identifying and taking steps to keep important elements of identity private

Announcing the Web Literacy Standard (specification)

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