Blue sky billboard in smoggy Beijing

Reddit user D3cker posted this amazing photo of an electronic billboard showing a gorgeous blue sky in a smoggy Beijing square. No idea if the photo is original to D3cker or whether it's been shooped, but it's pretty sweet contrast, and plays neatly into the China-is-collapsing narrative.

Beijing Tv Sky.

Update: In the comments, m1ck3y posts, "The picture is real—it's from the Atlantic Magazine article China's Toxic City. This particular photo eerily looks like a screencap from Blade Runner."

(Image: China's Toxic Sky, Feng Li/Getty Images)

Notable Replies

  1. The video screen is like the sun,
    Wherever it shines, it is bright.
    Wherever the video screen is,
    Hurrah, there the people are liberated!

  2. cbm says:

    Very "Brazil"

  3. This is what happens when the only thing that matters is productivity. Welcome to your Libertarian, free from all "strangling regulation" utopia.

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