Rob Ford's exaggerated and imaginary savings to the taxpayers of Toronto

Rob Ford claims that he should be excused for his crack-fuelled, drunken rages while serving as mayor of Toronto, because of the billion dollars he's saved the city. But as a line-by-line analysis of Laughable Bumblefuck's fiscal claims demonstrates, he's just another politician, cooking the books.

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  1. But you really can't put a price on entertainment.

  2. He's reduced unemployment among crack dealers and hitmen by a staggering percentage, surely that's got to count for something.

  3. Ah, but the Schadenford of it all!

  4. It's doesn't matter. As far as I can tell his Fnord Nation supporters are complete innumberates who don't even know how their own tax bills are calculated. I got into a flame war with one dweeb who thought that the fact that tax rates went down meant that Ford saved the difference between the old administration's tax rate times the old budget.

    Since your tax bill in Toronto is tax-rate times market property value the comparison is ridiculous. The real estate market has soared due to speculation during both his and previous administrations so of course the rate went down because the (steadily increasing) budget needed didn't go up by the same percentage. The only number that matters is the total size of the budget and Ford's last was 200 million bigger than the old mayor's last one.

    Of course pointing this out just starts them screaming "Marxist!" with spittle spraying out of their mouth without ever addressing the argument. (Apparently the Police Chief, the local right-wing SUN tabloid and several just-to-the-left-of-Genghis-Khan city councillors are also "Marxists".)

  5. I am just glad to find out that the USA does not have a lock on idiot politicians. Is everyone sure this fellow is not from Texas or something.

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