San Francisco cable car dash cam, 1906

Fantastic cable car "dash cam" footage of San Francisco's Market Street thoroughfare in 1906 before the earthquake and fire that devastated the city later that year. (Prelinger Collection at

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  1. IMB says:

    I love this, but yeesh, what a free for all of haphazard maneuvers and reckless driving.

  2. Ratel says:

    It's actually been out for something like a decade, and I'm sure it's been on Boing Boing more than once. The post doesn't even include the really cool story of how they figured out the date!

    By the way, you can find that story here.

  3. Really amazing stuff. Eleven years before SF had traffic lights.

    Good to know that drivers have always been dicks, even though a 5-10 mph crash only meant "Excuse me".

  4. Yeah, some things just don't change.

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