Driver gets cut off and his car nearly tips over

I'm always afraid of getting cut off at the last minute by lane-changers who aren't paying attention. It's happened to me more than once when I'm in the car pool lane and some idiot stuck in a traffic jam decides to change lanes without looking, forcing me to slam on the brakes. Here's a guy who got cut off so harshly his car rolled on two wheels for a second. Glad he caught it on his dashcam. Read the rest

Watch cops mock a driver they pulled over after the cops ran a red light

Here's yet another reason to install a dashcam. Joshua was rolling through Brooklyn around midnight when an undercover cop car ran a red light as he was turning left from the opposite direction. He's then treated to a lot of lip by the officers as he protests his innocence while pulled over. Read the rest

Orange County Deputy Michael Higgins loses immunity for emptying his gun into motionless man, then head-stomping him

After a man called Connor Zion experienced several seizures, he became disoriented and attacked some of his family members, who called the police. Orange County, California Deputy Michael Higgins arrived, shot Zion nine times, approached Zion's motionless body, fired nine more shots into him at point-blank range, then, after a running start, stomped on Zion's head three times. Read the rest

Nightmare dashcam footage shared by Australian truck drivers

"Oooooo, well done! Well done. What happened there?" Read the rest

9 minutes of Aussie-flavoured dashcam hell


"You SILLY person!"

Jesus Chroiiiiist!

etcetera. Read the rest

Watch this poor fellow run after his car as it rolls away from him

This is why you always set the handbrake

This guy stopped his car on a snowy road to take a quick bio-break, when he noticed his car was rolling away from him. He tried his best to catch up with it as it went backwards down a hill. The whole thing was caught on the car's dashcam. Read the rest

One minute of dashcam footage in Mumbai

Drivers in Mumbia must pay attention on crowded streets filled with scooters, taxis, and pedestrians. Read the rest

White SC cops pull black passenger out of car, take turns publicly cavity-searching him

White cops from Aiken, SC improperly stopped a car driven by a black woman (they claimed the stop was motivated by temporary tags, but driving with current temporary tags is not grounds for a stop), then improperly questioned her passenger, who voluntarily gave them his ID, then induced a drug dog to "alert" on the car, then forced both black people to expose themselves in public, culminating with two officers taking turns sticking their fingers up the passenger's rectum, again, in public. Read the rest

Bad supercar driver compilation

Millions of dollars went into the making of this supercut, starring Bentleys, Lamborghinis, Maseratis, Ferraris, and their terrible drivers. Read the rest

Will in-car HUDs make the roads hell?

Dashboard-mounted cameras provide a world of youtube schadenfreude—bad drivers and insurance fraudsters getting their public comeuppance—but also come wedded to the promise of safety and security from those things. But what about the guy constantly fiddling with it?

And dashcams are just the beginning of the technological feast glowing away at driver's eye level: GPS navigation systems, entertainment consoles, and now elaborate heads-up displays threaten to keep our eyes on high-tech gadgets rather than the highway.

At The New York Times, Matt Richtel looks at the most impressive HUD yet, from Navady, as well as what's cooking from usual suspects such as Google.

This technology is in its infancy. Navdy’s device isn’t shipping until later this year, and it’s not clear if it will work as seamlessly as presented in the video when used in less perfect real-life conditions. But, broadly speaking, the Navdy device falls into a booming category of in-car gadgetry that might be fairly categorized as “you can have your cake and eat it too.” Drive, get texts, talk on the phone, even interact on social media, and do it all without compromising safety, according to various makers of the so-called head-up displays, repeating a position taken by a growing number of automakers who sell monitors set into the dashboard or mounted on it. Some carmakers also display basic driving information, like speed and turn-by-turn directions, within a specialized windshield so a driver can remain looking ahead and not down at the instrument panel.

Psychologists hate this. Read the rest

San Francisco cable car dash cam, 1906

Fantastic cable car "dash cam" footage of San Francisco's Market Street thoroughfare in 1906 before the earthquake and fire that devastated the city later that year. (Prelinger Collection at Read the rest

Car goes off bridge into water, occupants don't seem to mind

A Russian dashcam moment.

Driver: Oh, we float.

Passenger: Where are we going?

Driver: I don’t know. Maybe to the shore.

Passenger: Don’t turn the wheel, it’s useless.

(Via 22 Words) Read the rest

Here's 70 minutes of Russian dashcam video showing car collisions

[Video Link] Joey deVilla says: "Here’s an interesting compilation: 70 minutes of (mostly) Russian car collisions, from mild fender-benders to all-out flip-the-car moments, most of which were shot using dashboard-mounted cameras. None of the video depict injuries; just car and other property damage, plus some exclamations in Russian."

Bad Driving’s Greatest Hits Read the rest

Gentleman facebutts police dashboard

Seen enough video of auto insurance fraudsters being exposed by front-facing dashboard cameras? One fellow in Russia thought up a clever way to get the police in trouble, but didn't count for the fact that dashcams can be turned around. [Video Link] Read the rest