Neurodreamer: open source sleeping mask/mind machine

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After eight years of development and a successful Kickstarter, BB pal Mitch Altman's Neurodreamer sleep mask is ready for shipping! You might recall that Mitch is the inspiring maker behind the TV-B-Gone, Trip Glasses, and a bunch of other delightful gadgets. The Neurodreamer is an open source light/sound machine integrated into a memory foam mask. Mitch says:

The NeuroDreamer sleep mask is an advancement over prior entrainment* devices which attempt to entrain the brain with only a single brainwave frequency at a time. The NeuroDreamer sleep mask uses up to four brainwave frequencies simultaneously (mixed at different amplitudes), to more closely replicate the full spectrum of frequencies present in a person who is falling asleep.

* "Entrainment" is the the process of externally presenting brainwave frequencies to the brain, allowing it to synchronize to those frequencies.

It's available for $69.95 in three different versions designed for Sleep, Lucid Dreaming, or Meditation. Mitch is having a sale right now: Entering the coupon code THANKS gets you 10% off everything in Mitch's Cornfield Electronics shop, including the Neurodreamer. I want one!

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  1. These are my sleep goggles, dream-lensed, open sourced, and an abominable sleeper...

    Neurologically-speaking, of course, a poem.


    Boing Boing.


  2. What would that meter, and in which metric?

  3. If this does anything about migraine (that is anything but triggering one) I'm sold.

  4. Buy me one, and I'll report back!

  5. Reminder: As with any brain-hacking, it may not be benign for everyone. You're playing with the same mechanisms as strobe-induced epileptic attacks, which can hit people with no prior history of epilepsy when they're exposed to the wrong frequencies.

    If it can have effects, it can have negative effects. Proceed carefully.

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