Dial An Endless Parade of Monsters for 98¢

I just found the only thing I want for Christmas. It's like a Jim Woodring creature generator!

Hanover House '67 Gift Guide

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  1. I used to have pay at least $5 a hit to dial an endless parade of really quality monsters. Marvelous age we live in, just marvelous, nnnyesss.

    |puffs on bubble pipe|

  2. Hm. The monster-kaleidoscope has me thinking in terms of Spore's critter construction kit.

  3. the mysterious power of symmetry. Love this

  4. spo says:

    I had that toy and loved it. If you turn the large white nosecone, it changes the monster bits. If you turn the red pointy bit it would do colored swirls. I wonder if it is still around at my Dad's house? I may have to do a cursory search when I go down to visit this weekend.

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