Hypponen pulls out of RSA Conference over NSA backdoor

Following on the revelation that RSA broke its own technology to help the NSA, and RSA's craptastic non-denial, F-Secure's Mikko Hypponen has pulled out of RSA's upcoming conference in San Francisco. As a foreigner, he opposes NSA's mission to spy on foreigners like him. (via Interesting People)

Notable Replies

  1. kai says:

    "Pulls out of RSA" "NSA backdoor"... Am I the only one who thought this headline sounded kinda dirty.

  2. No. I thought the same thing. But then, it IS a dirty affair.

  3. Consenting organizations can do whatever they want - to each other. It's when they start dragging other, unwilling folks to their orgy that it becomes objectionable and illegal.

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