The science of eggnog

Actually, it's technically the science of creme brulee, but, more broadly, the science of custard totally applies. Also, in one of those "oh-geez-that-should-have-occurred-to-me-a-long-time-ago" moments, it turns out that the only thing that separates eggnog and ice cream is bourbon and some time in a freezer.

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  1. This year I didn't make eggnog, but I did buy some eggnog ice cream at Trader Joe's and met my past and future selves...that makes more sense now.

  2. Bourbon? Some weird American thing? Rum is what belongs in eggnog.

  3. Am I the only one who didn't grow up with any sort of booze going into egg nog? No run, bourbon, brandy, etc. And I'm not talking because I was a kid and not allowed, I mean the adults weren't doing it either.

    And a large part of my family puts schnapps into hot chocolate, bourbon into heated gingerale (and not any gingerale, but the all powerful Vernors), etc. These are people who'd booze the crap out of eggnog if given a reason. But no, we drank it straight.

    I mean, it's awesome when boozed up, but def. not a tradition for me.

  4. No, you aren't the only one. Family customs around food can be pretty random.

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