Impromptu sax battle on the MTA

When a sax player stepped onto this MTA car and started playing Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean," he inspired one of the passengers to whip out his own sax and join in. What followed was a jam session/sax battle that is a delight to watch.

SAX BATTLE IN NYC SUBWAY (original duh...) (via Reddit)

Notable Replies

  1. I couldn't really see what was going on, but I have an irresistible desire to 'click here' and see another video.

  2. Or, "How to practice safe sax"

  3. ... and then Moon Hooch shows up and DESTROYS THEM.

  4. Cory, nobody calls the NYC subway “the MTA,” unless they’re referring to the agency itself. It’s “the subway” or “the [route letter/number.]” (Or if you want to sound like you’re about a hundred years old, “the [IRT/BMT/IND.]”)

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