Milky The Marvelous Milking Cow toy (1977)

In artist Attaboy's latest episode of "They Actually Made That!?," he demonstrates the wonder of Milky The Marvelous Milking Cow, a fine 1977 toy that was born from a licensing agreement between Kenner Toys and General Foods. Below, the original Milky television commercial in full.

Notable Replies

  1. I had one of these as a kid. I loved everything farm animals at the time. I would have been 7 when this came out.

  2. I didn't have one of these but do recall seeing them advertised. The comment about tablets being popular in the 70's reminded me of a black plastic scuba diver toy with a yellow air tank. He came with tablets that went inside the tank. When placed in water he would dive and surface alternately. It was bath time magic.

  3. NickyG says:

    This is awesome, the little tikes can make their own version of the korova milk bar, and have Milkie squirt out drug-laced "milk." Mmmmmm

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