Adorable little cow makes a friend on the farm

Delmar Farm is a farm sanctuary in Florida with horses, donkeys, pigs, goats, sheep, a steer, dogs, and a barn cat. Their mission statement is:

"We are a sanctuary where recovering animals experience the joys of little hands and loving care for life. By fostering compassion between children and animals, we ensure that future generations are equipped to be a voice for animals in need."

Winston is a miniature cow. A miniature cow, people! Winston came to the sanctuary as a baby and constantly tried to make friends with the other animals. He kissed the horses and got bit. He tried to snuggle goats and got head-butted. The pigs just seemed annoyed. Then came Ronny, the horse. Ronny was getting picked on by the miniature horses on the farm. Winston tried giving Ronny a smooch, and instead of biting, she leaned right into it. The rest is history, and boy, is it cute.

via the Dodo