Monster surf hits Hawaii

Surfer Cole Clisby rides his surfboard off the top of a wave as the sun sets off the shores of Leucadia, Calif., January 15, 2014. Monster swells hitting Hawaii this week are due to reach California shores soon, creating waves that may reach nearly 20 feet at some spots. Photo: REUTERS/MIKE BLAKE

Some of the biggest surf in decades is pounding the North and West shores of Oahu and other Hawaiian islands this week. A high surf warning remains in effect, and waves of up to 40 feet are expected on some beaches today. The famed Eddie surf invitational is a no-go because while the waves are higher than 35 feet at Waimea, the winds make surf conditions undesirable. At Jaws, or Peahi, on Maui -- 50 foot waves. I have never witnessed this in person, and I'm not there at this time, but my surfer buds say the earth shakes beneath your feet when you're on the beach. The waves are also making some coastal roads impassable, and threatening homes. The swell will hit California next, creating 10-19 foot waves along some popular surf spots.