Scientology Remix Project: weird Scientology audio

Phineas Narco sends us The Scientology Remix Project , "Broadcast on KFJC, May 9th 2013, mixed live with JC Clone and Phineas Narco on The Mr. Pumpkinhead Show on KFJC in Los Altos Hills, CA. This was a show remixing samples having to do with, and deconstructing, the controversy of Scientology/Dianetics. Originally a four hour program presented here on bandcamp (newly today) in post-produced, synthesized, 3-hour 'Narco Edit' digest form. Available on a name-your-own-price basis."

The Scientology Remix Project

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  1. Maidhc says:

    KFJC is a wonderful radio station. They have the most amazing variety of stuff. You can get all of the programs online back for two weeks at I like the blues, country and soundtrack, but there is plenty for every taste. Every May they have the most amazing set of special programs (Month of Mayhem).

    I am lucky enough to live where I can get it on-air, but you can get it on your computer worldwide.

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