Star Trek Continues, episode 2

The fan series Star Trek Continues, well, continues with episode 2, titled "Lolani." Lou Ferrigno guest stars! "A survivor from a distressed Tellarite vessel pulls Captain Kirk and his crew into a moral quandary over her sovereignty." Below is episode 1, "Pilgrim of Eternity."

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  1. Fantastic. They've got this down pat; the corset, the terrible "Scoortisch" accent, the sets and sound effects. Wonderful. Even the aspect ratio is correct smile

    Edit: The mind meld sequence seems a bit explicit for the Original Series.

    Is it just my dodgy old eyes, or is Lou Ferrigno's spaceship Fireball XL5?

  2. I wonder if the budget for this is larger or smaller than the budget for the original series?

  3. Editz says:

    I looked at that photo and wondered, "what if they got Wilem Dafoe to play Kirk?"

  4. I'm surprised nobody's commented that the admiral Kirk talks to is played by Erin Grey from the 1980s "Buck Rogers" show.

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