London Heathrow customs agent interrogates Edward Snowden's attorney Jesselyn Radack

Jesselyn Radack, an attorney who represents NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, was detained and interrogated while transiting customs at Heathrow airport in London. Kevin Gosztola reports:

Jesselyn Radack told Firedoglake she was directed to a specific Heathrow Border Force agent. He “didn’t seem interested” in her passport. She was then subjected to “very hostile questioning.” As Radack recalled, she was asked why she was here. “To see friends,” she answered. “Who will you be seeing?” She answered, “A group called Sam Adams Associates.”

The agent wanted to know who was in the group. “Ray McGovern, Annie Machon, Thomas Drake, Craig Murray,” she answered. She said she is part of the group as well.

“Where will you meet?” Radack answered, “At the Ecuadorian Embassy.” Then, the agent asked, “With Julian Assange?” Radack said yes.

The interrogation continued, “Why have you gone to Russia twice in three months?” Radack said she had a client in the country. “Who?” She answered, “Edward Snowden.”

"‘Why Have You Gone to Russia Two Times in Three Months?’—Heathrow Customs Agent Interrogates Snowden Lawyer" [firedoglake]

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  1. Bradley Manning is gone, though the agent could probably write to Chelsea Manning c/o the US Army.

  2. NickyG says:

    I know, right? Things were so much more, well, FREE, back in the day.

    You know, in like, well, slavery days.

    Or when we were exterminating all of the people who had been living on the continent before the Europeans got here, you know, those Indians.

    Well, uhm, or like WWII, when we put all the Japanese in camps. And IBM was selling computers to the Nazis so they could be more efficient with that whole Final Solution thing they were up to.

    Or, uh, Jim Crow era.

    Er, uh, I mean, during the McCarthy era and Cold War. J. Edgar Hoover and stuff!

    Er, uh, Vietnam, yeah, Vietnam! Kent State!

    Oh... Well shit. I guess it never was.

  3. sqlrob says:

    I know, no kidding. Things really went downhill when the UK took Heathrow from the US.

  4. So lawyers are representing people who may have committed an offence?

    This has to end. Who's side are they on?

  5. Rindan says:

    The US has its moments of blazing righteousness in complete defiance of its obvious hypocrisy. I mean hell, that is about as American as it gets. You have deceleration of independents that declares all men to be created equal... and then a constitution that describes how many real people a slave is worth in figuring out how many representatives you get in the House of Representatives. How American is that?

    Honestly, I prefer hypocrisy over acceptance. I would rather the US fail to live up to its standards than successfully meet no standards. Standards give you something to strive for even when you fail. For all the horrible things that the US did during the Cold War, it did manage to stand strong at great personal risk and defend Western Europe and support freedom in Eastern Europe. For every nasty act of covertly fucking over someone's freedom, the US resisted the temptation to impose nastier principle destroying laws. As the Cold War spun up, the US by in large became more free in the face of a threat, not less free. The US went the entire Cold War with "papers please" being a joke making fun of the Soviet block's lack of freedom. It isn't so fucking funny now.

    The US has never been perfect. It has committed genocide, kicked over democracies, killed and tortured. It has also took up the sword and shield to defend liberal democracy when out of all of the nations in the world, it had the least urgent need to do so. I vastly prefer a hypocritical US that strives towards achieving good liberal principles than what we have now. I miss hypocrisy. A sincere hypocrite can change, while an unprincipled shit will always be an unprincipled shit.

    Papers please.

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