Yesterday, in the comments on my post about ways to use a breast pump more efficiently, a couple of people lamented the lack of a regular, science-heavy parenting blog. Ah, but such a thing does actually exist. I highly recommend Science News' Growth Curve — a blog about the science of child development and kid raising by Laura Sanders. Recent posts include: The research that shows miracle sleep systems don't work and a really nicely nuanced look at whether or not you need to worry about feeding kids organic food.

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  1. rocketpj

    We have two boys. The first did not sleep for more than an two hours straight for the first 2 years of his life. The second slept through from about 3 months, and this morning (he is 4) I had to drag him out of bed at 815 to get him dressed, fed and off to daycare on time. Sleep is a challenge, parenting is a challenge.

    After a couple months I stopped reading the books. For the most part they are designed for the obsessive helicopter parent, and simply provide a list of things to worry about.

    Feed the kids lots of fruit and veggies. Breastfeed if you can, while you can. Make sure you keep some space for yourself and your partner amidst all the parenting. Get outside a lot, you too but the kids for sure. Read to them. Don't stress out about a little tv or video game once in awhile (sheesh, the handwringing about video games alone is exhausting). Try to have fun. Never hit, try to never shout or express anger except in level tones. Give the kids lots of love. Not much more than that.

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