Librarybox beta goes 2.0: self-powered Wifi file-server that fits in your pocket

Jason writes with an update to the amazing, kickstarted Librarybox project: "The LibraryBox Project, as a part of its ongoing efforts to bring information to areas without communication infrastructures, announced the release of the v2.0 public beta today. Boing Boing was kind enough to post about the very successful Kickstarter from July and this is the next stage of the project arising from that funding.

"LibraryBox is an open source digital distribution device, designed to route around both censorship and poor infrastructure by creating a hyperlocal digital file distribution point for use by libraries, educators, or anyone who wants to share files quickly and easily. The v2.0 release makes building your own LibraryBox easier than ever, while increasing the customizability and flexibility of the interface."

LibraryBox v2.0: Portable Private Digital Distribution (Thanks, Jason!)

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  1. That looks like repurposed TP-Link MR3020 - clicks link - YES!

    There's dude in China whose selling WR703n's with double the RAM compared to the factory version. Search on Ebay for "WR-703n 64MB SLBoat".

    You can then load Grugq's PORTAL software to use when you're feeling justifiably paranoid. Y'know, for when you're travelling in totalitarian states...say, the US of A.

  2. Been wanting to homebrew one of these out of thrift store routers and RasPi. What would really be awesome, would be a 'speakeasy' version, that doesn't announce itself unless you know the secret door-knock.

  3. As I understand it the Librarybox is some sort of limited piratebox. You can download content but not upload and is therefore more palatable to the public ('cause perception: pirate=bad).

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