Putin your butt

Reddditor Amzfx created a Putin butt-plug by way of commentary on Russia's invasion of Crimea, and he's selling them on Shapeways for €20.22. The print medium seems a little too porous for safe sex play, and the nose looks like a likely candidate for painful snagging. Amznfx has more political 3d prints in his repertoire.

Check out my 3d printed Putin Butt plug (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)

Notable Replies

  1. Good point. A true Maker would just upload instructions... no, wait... mail you the hand-typed instructions to whittle one out of an heirloom carrot.

  2. Ah the old "carrot and stick" approach as in "Here's a carrot, stick it up your ass."

  3. i see Putin is invading to the south again. :slight_smile:

    on a related note...
    "we found 115 results for 'The Baby Jesus Butt Plug' at Target"

    While it may not be an actual product at Target, it is hilarious that is is one of the top results in google. This is the downside of programmatically harvesting popular terms to drive traffic to search results pages which should not be indexable. Lol. Way to go target. :slight_smile:

    It is an actual book though: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0972959823?tag=boing05-20

    And it was assigned reading for some students: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/11/28/us-teacher-students-baby-jesus-butt-plug-book_n_4355099.html

    The internet is a strange and wonderful place.

  4. Oh! For this he puts a shirt on!

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