Bacon Rose

I doubt that the "Bacon Scent Alarm Clock" is a real thing, but this marketing photo carries a certain perverse wonder about it; one day, this will clearly be an artifact of the age of reaching irony. 11 p.m.: not too early for breakfast!

Update: Pesco has pointed out to me that Bacon Alarm Clocks are real.

Notable Replies

  1. Do you know how offensive this is to vegetarians? I can't even look at meat sections in supermarkets 'cause I see what others insist on ignoring: hunks & shreds of corpses of intelligent, feeling creatures needlessly killed to pander to perverse human cravings. Extra perverse nowadays, as we now know red meat isn't just unnecessary, it isn't even healthy as food, raising rates of deadly diseases such as cancer & heart disease. Bon appetit? The bloom is off this "rose".

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