Photos of actors playing historical figures



VanVictor made a terrific image series showing historical figures played by various actors, from Aristotle to Edgar Allen Poe, Jesus to John Lennon. "Famous people in fiction" (via Laughing Squid and Reddit)

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  1. That's really good, and a nice idea, but I feel like I owe the guy my life for turning me on to 'Pitch n Putt with Beckett n Joyce.' Holy fuck.

  2. I noticed one major omission from the "Einstein" bunch. Plenty of actors have played Albert Einstein, but how many have the acting chops to play him as a Tasmanian apple farmer who split atoms with a chisel and invented Rock & Roll?

  3. Editz says:

    At first I read that as Poitier playing both Mandela and De Klerk, which would have made for one heck of a film.

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