Shelfie, a wall bike mount

Shelfie is a crowdfunded one-piece shelf designed to hold a bicycle. It seems rather steep at $125, but certainly looks more attractive and useful than a big old hook on the wall. [via Uncrate]

Notable Replies

  1. Skidmarks on the wall!

  2. Would a $2 hook not accomplish the same thing?

    ETA: OK, Rob said as much. But for my money, hooks ARE beautiful. Counts for: wires. Everyone's all "I don't want to see wires hanging all over the place from all my electronics." Wires are AWESOME.

  3. It's also a Wiley-Coyote-esque trap over the dog bowl. Beep beep

  4. wldmr says:

    Be sure to prominently display the price tag, otherwise people might think you're the kind of weirdo who hangs their bike from an ordinary shelf.

  5. hotel says:

    I hang my bikes on the wall, and this doohickey looks like it's gotten this part right actually.

    The back tire won't touch the wall as long as the bike as a whole isn't too close to the wall. And the front tire can't touch the wall because it can only point straight forward with the bike in this orientation. So on the tire-hitting-the-wall front, this is a pretty good hanger.

    That said, it's backwards. I always hang bikes with the drive side next to the wall. It's pretty easy to hang the bike without touching any grimy bits to the wall, and once you've done that...well the wall never moves. But if you hang the bike with the grimy bits outwards, things (like your pants, the dog etc...) that move past it are eventually going to get a streak of grease...

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