Kickstarting a sequel to Scott "Kids in the Hall" Thompson's Danny Husk comic

Tavie sez, "Canadian treasure Scott Thompson's popular Kids in the Hall character, Danny Husk starred in his own graphic novel in 2010, Husk: The Hollow Planet. A blend of fantasy and fable, with lots of humor and sex, it was an hilarious romp that ended mid-story. Now he's got a Kickstarter campaign to get the second volume of Danny's tales published, and to promote it, he's giving away DRM-free digital downloads of Volume 1. I always think it's a really smart idea when creators allow people to read their comix online for free (see: Elfquest) and I'm glad Scott's taking this one to the people. I hope the second volume gets off the ground, because I MUST see how the story ends."

Danny Husk, for those who didn’t come of age in the late eighties and early nineties is a character made famous on the hilarious Kids in the Hall comedy series. Danny is a mildly successful businessman with a positive attitude and a glorious mustache, Danny, played by comedian Scott Thompson, is an affable everyman who gets the job done…So if you’re a long time fan of Danny’s or Scott’s or just discovering either or both, now is your chance to be part of comic history, pun intended.

So, what is the story in the second volume?

Picking up right where the first graphic novel ended, HUSK Vol.2: A Crack In It continues the misadventures of not only Danny Husk at the center of the Earth but the woman on the surface he left behind.

Husk: The Hollow Planet {free download}

HUSK Vol. 2: A Crack In It, by Scott Thompson {Kickstarter}

(Thanks, Tavie!)