Amy's Baking Company has its revenge

Amy's Baking Company (previously), the venue of note in the only episode of Gordon Ramsay's cooking show anyone ever needs to watch, is still going strong. And the proprietors are still completely bonkers, ranting about the yelpers, eunuchs, etc: "We are not psychotic lunatic people ... If you come to attack us, we will scream at you and throw you out." [via Gawker]

I'd still rather eat there than Nello's.

Notable Replies

  1. I worked for years with a designer like this. You can't believe they're really this obtuse; surely they'll figure out that they're not fooling anyone, and modify their behavior at least somewhat. Nope. The world is against them, any time anyone says or does anything to suggest they're not perfect in some way. Con artists at least make sense: they know how to manipulate others, which means they know how to manipulate their own behavior when necessary toward that end. This? Inexplicable. It serves no purpose to anyone. And unfortunately, it's exactly the type of personality disorder that would refuse the help of professional therapy.

  2. There is no such thing as bad publicity.

  3. You know, Oroka, hating on Gordon Ramsey doesn't make the Amy's Baking Company into good people, right?


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