"If I Only Had A Brain," the original version


As part of Saturday's Record Store Day releases, The Wizard of Oz Soundtrack has once again become available on vinyl! The "75th Anniversary" edition is pressed on emerald green vinyl and includes a digital download of the original version of "If I Only Had A Brain" which you can hear above. Ray "The Scarecrow" Bolger's first recording of the tune, only rediscovered in 2009, was much mellower than the one ultimately picked for the film.

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  1. Years ago I would drive my friends nuts by filling the cassettes of their answering machines with fake commercials and promos whenever they went out of town. One of them was a proposed remake of The Wizard of Oz, with Snoop Dogg playing the part of the Scarecrow, singing,

    "I'd be feelin' fizzle
    And that'd be f'shizzle
    If I only had a brizzle!"

    That joke is as dated as answering machines with cassettes, while Mr. Bolger's performance remains timeless.

  2. Probably just as well they did away with that song about the kid who needed a kidney though.

  3. "I can't give you a brain, but I can give you a diploma!"

    One of my favourite (likely mis-remembered) lines from that movie.

  4. The scene is even funnier in the original book. The Wizard removes the stuffing from Scarecrow's head and replaces it with bran. He then says, "I've given you a lot of bran new brains."

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