Netflix will soon get its own television ‘cable channel’

Reports the Washington Post, "Netflix has reached an agreement with three smaller cable companies that, for the first time, will let U.S. subscribers watch the streaming video service’s content as though it were an ordinary cable channel."

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  1. Well that makes no sense at all. Many are ditching cable to go exclusively to netflix and hulu. How does that even make sense?

  2. What's a cable channel?

  3. It's for people like my parents, who get extremely confused at having to change the tv's input to something else ("why can't we just turn it to channel three like with the vcr?")

  4. Reading this I am now embarrassed at how much I spend on entertainment! HD cable with all the bells and whistles, three HD tvs (in an apartment), netflix, and the aforementioned boxes. Oh dear god.

  5. In other news, Twitter is now available in newspaper form, Greyhound announces a fleet of horse-drawn carriages, and a new iPhone app lets you communicate using morse code.

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