Was the Mona Lisa meant to be 3D?


Was the Mona Lisa one of the earliest 3D artworks? Scientists studying the painting and a slightly different version possibly painted by Da Vinci or his students think the intent might have been to create a stereoscopic pair. From Discovery News:

(The University of Bamberg researchers) found that the horizontal difference between the two paintings was about 2.7 inches (69 millimeters), which is close to the average distance between a person's two eyes. (When a person observes an object, each eye sees a slightly different perspective of the object, both of which are sent to the brain and transformed into the three-dimensional representation of the object that we "see.")

(Discovery News, thanks Bob Pescovitz!)

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  1. yeah, it kinda works. But I imagine if it was intentional it would work a little better.

  2. For example, it seems to work just as well with these two Monet paintings. In other words, kinda but not that well. it's just what happens when you paint the same subject from the same perspective twice.

  3. adjusted for cross eye viewing:

  4. timmh says:

    I KNEW I could see a dolphin!

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