These 60-second 3D modeling tutorials are entertaining and educational

Ian Hubert is the host of the "Lazy Tutorials - For Lazy People, By Lazy People" YouTube channel, which has 60-second videos of Hubert using Blender to create 3D models and textures of various things like air conditioners and bulletin boards. He makes it look easy (I know it's not), and he's also funny.

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For 13 years, this photographer has been building an incredible 3D digital model of Athens

Starting in 2007, photographer and visual effects artist Dimitris Tsalkanis has been building a digital 3D model of ancient Athens. The result is an immersive historical recreation where everyone online is invited. How did Tsalkanis handle this Herculean (rather, Heraklean) task? He learned as he went. From Sarah Rose Sharp's article about Ancient Athens 3D in Hyperallergic:

“I had no previous experience on 3D and I started experimenting in my spare time,” said Tsalkanis in an email interview with Hyperallergic. “I always liked archaeology and since I am from Athens, I was always interested in its monuments and history. During my research, I realised that up until then no one had attempted a complete 3D reconstruction of ancient Athens..."

Tsalkanis stays up to date with his fantasy city, updating reconstructions constantly for better quality of models and better archaeological and historical accuracy...

Visitors to the site can browse reconstructions that date back as early as 1200 BCE, the Mycenaean period — or Bronze Age — through Classical Athens, featuring the rebuilds made necessary by the Greco-Persian War, and ages of occupation by Romans and Ottomans.

"Explore Ancient Athens Online Through 3D Models, Created by One Animator Over 12 Years" (Hyperallergic, thanks Mark Dery!)

Images below: "Aerial view of the Library of Hadrian" and "Panoramic view of the Acropolis," Dimitris Tsalkanis/Ancient Athens 3D

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Scientists put 3D glasses on cuttlefish

Scientists attached 3D glasses to cuttlefish to better understand the molluscs' visual perception as it relates to their ability to attack prey. They were treated to 3D screenings of shrimp while the University of Minnesota researchers studied their behavior. I wonder if, like me, the 3D movies gave them headaches. From the University of Minnesota:

The (shrimp) images were offset, allowing for the researchers to determine if the cuttlefish were comparing images between the left and the right eyes to gather information about distance to their prey. The process of comparing the images is called stereopsis, and is the same way humans determine depth. Depending on the image offset, the cuttlefish would perceive the shrimp to be either in front of or behind the screen. The cuttlefish predictably struck too close to or too far from the screen, according to the offset.

“How the cuttlefish reacted to the disparities clearly establishes that cuttlefish use stereopsis when hunting,” said Trevor Wardill, assistant professor at the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior in the College of Biological Sciences. “When only one eye could see the shrimp, meaning stereopsis was not possible, the animals took longer to position themselves correctly. When both eyes could see the shrimp, meaning they utilized stereopsis, it allowed cuttlefish to make faster decisions when attacking. This can make all the difference in catching a meal.”

More: "Cuttlefish use stereopsis to strike at prey" (ScienceAdvances)

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This print requires anaglyphic viewing glasses for full appreciation

You need red and blue lens to fully appreciate Insane51's murals like these commissions for Star Wars and Infinity War:

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⬅️SWIPE LEFT⬅️ 🔵Finn / Storm trooper🔴 Commission I did at @redcinemasgso for @martykotis on my East coast trip. - 📸: Photos by @droos86 Location: Greensboro, North Carolina, USA 🇺🇲 Year: 2018

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🔴 Thanos / Ironman 🔵 I painted this piece of the epic scene from the Avengers: Endgame movie just a few weeks ago and waited a while to release it. I'm very sorry if you haven't seen it yet. Festival:@streetlifefestivallimassol Location : Limassol , Cyprus 🇨🇾 #streetlifefestivallimassol Love you 3000 ❤️

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⬅️⬅️⬅️SWIPE LEFT⬅️⬅️⬅️ I don't usually paint with my space suit on , but when I do... 🔴Double Exposure🔵 X-Ray style at @nassfestival. The actual piece was actually mounted on a wall ride together with some Red & Blue light to get the full effect without 3D glasses at night ! (Video coming up) Thanx again @upfest people for the invitation and 📸 : @streetartatlas making sure we look cool again 🚲: Rider at second picture is the amazing: @isaaclesser 📸: Shot of bmx rider by: @adamlievesleybmx

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His new print Falling In includes two pairs of anaglyphic glasses:

You can see the print under different lights and try to win a copy at Instagram:

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How to easily draw a fantastic optical illusion of a 3D city

As a high school student, I would have enjoyed learning to use ruled paper to draw anamorphic illusions instead of (not) taking notes. (via The Kid Should See This)

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An algorithm that converts 3D meshes into machine-knitting patterns

A group of CMU researchers have created a generalizable approach to converting the model files generated by 3D design packages into knitting patterns that can be fed into a variety of computerized knitting machines, which then "print" the solid by knitting it. Read the rest

Incredible collection of 3D drawings that appear to rise out of the paper

Hungarian illustrator Sándor Vámos is a master of anamorphic illusions, 3D drawings that emerge from the paper. Don't miss his time-lapse videos either.

(via Laughing Squid)

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Floating 1,600dpi 3D projections made by pushing around flecks of cellulose and hitting them with a laser

Physicists at BYU have demonstrated a volumetric projection system that works by using a laser to unevenly heat single cellulose molecules in order to shove them around in 3D space, then painting the positioned molecules with lasers that cause them to glow; by choreographic both sets of lasers, extremely high-resolution moving images can be attained. Read the rest

The 3D Pee-wee Herman tee

Eighties icon Pee-wee Herman is now featured on this fun t-shirt by Creepy Co. To see the full effect, pop on a pair of paper anaglyph glasses (included).

Oui, they made a 3D Pee-wee tee! It's available now for $26.99. Read the rest

Protanopia is a cool parallax 3D comic proof of concept

André Bergs created this short digital comic titled Protanopia. This short video hints at the possibilities of storytelling in electronic comics. Read the rest

Gorgeous, grotesque animations from Esteban Diacono

Argentinian motion graphics designer Esteban Diacono produces the most amazing, surreal little animations for his social media, especially the weird, motion-deforming humaniform figures. Read the rest

3D cross-stitch kit: 'Don't Freak Out'

Julie Jackson of Subversive Cross Stitch is creating cross-stitch magic again. This time she's put together a special 3D cross-stitch kit that reads "Don't Freak Out."

She writes, "It's SO much better in person..."

The kit is available for $24 and comes with a pair of 3D glasses, naturally.

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Cool animal illustrations by Maxim Shkret

Russian artist Maxim Shkret has developed wonderful layered illustration style with a 3D effect. Here are some of his animals. Read the rest

Wooden 3D Owl puzzle

This Owl helped make a recent road trip a lot more fun!

Simple to construct by following the numbers, this is a cute Owl-y way to pass some time.

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Make crazy 3D houses with Brick Block

Oskar Stalberg (previously) made Brick Block, a fun online 3D toy that lets you design surreal blocky houses. You can spin the scene to any degree and have it generate random houses. It's like the level editor for a Victorian-themed version of the classic cyberpunk game Syndicate.

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Unmarked assault rifle sales land CNC-mill gunsmith in prison

Americans can legally manufacture an assault rifle for personal use without registering it, so Daniel Crowninshield figured his paying customers could push the button to start his milling equipment and claim they made the AR-15 themselves. Feds disagreed. Read the rest

"Hyperbolic tiling": can you escape from an extradimensional prison?

The only thing at appears to be a 3D fractal cage. You can move toward the edge with the WASD and arrow keys. But as you approach it, a new level of detail pops in and you seem no closer to the perimeter. Approached as a game, there is a "trick" to escaping—but I'm not sure you're supposed to. Press numbers to change the forms that bind you. There are all sorts of things going on like this. Read the rest

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