The Clown Egg Register

Our friends at Futility Closet (hosts of Boing Boing's wonderful Futility Closet podcast) have a short item about The Clown Egg Register. Apparently, a clown's face can't be copyrighted, but if you decorate an egg with the clown's face, you can copyright that, which stops unscrupulous clowns in their tracks.

Notable Replies

  1. And I thought this was purely a fabrication of Terry Pratchett in Men At Arms.

  2. Jim_R says:

    I did not know clowns were hatched. I learn something new every day here at boingboing!

  3. Stop what you are doing right NOW and put Futility Closet on your bookmarks toolbar. If for nothing else, then for the two move chess problems which are fiendish. You're welcome.

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