Hand grenade music boxes


Artist Maskull Lasserre made hand grenades outfitted with music boxes. Pull the pin and they play a tune, "America the Beautiful" or "Beautiful Dreamer," but only once. (via Neatorama)

Notable Replies

  1. Really neat item. Though the single play thing, while interesting conceptually, ruins it for me. Imagine trying to show someone the item, and telling them you can't show them how it works for fear of not being able to rewind the music box.

  2. Seriously now, any kind of toy that looks like a weapon is just begging for a lawsuit when some paranoid police officer shoots down the gift recipient. Only an idiot would ever buy or give such an item in the US as currently managed. Hopefully it's concept art that will only ever appear in a gallery, not some kind of maker product.

  3. Well, there's a link to the artist's site. Do you see a sales page?

    Edit: Looks like you can still buy these easily enough, which is a good thing. There's all kinds of things that can get you shot if you wave them aggressively at a cop. The solution is don't do that.

  4. Man, DRM has really gotten out of control.

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