Boing Boing Buyer's Guide to Time

When we think of Time, here are a few favorite things that come to mind...

This incredible TV series introduced me to the idea of time travel:The Time Tunnel: The Complete Series [Region 2]

A charming, timeless alarm... Kikkerland Retro Alarm Clock

The Doctor has travelled with so many companions, K9 is our choice! Doctor Who K-9 Bobble Head

H. Beam Piper's Paratime police keep time safe for us all: The Complete Paratime

The most legit Time of all time... Morris Day and the Time, What Time is it?

What are yours?

Notable Replies

  1. I always think of a Nixie tube watch when I think of time.

    This is a product placement post, right?

  2. d_r says:

    It's About Time was pretty bad, but it had great opening credits.

    As for Time Tunnel, it is the only one of the Irwin Allen science fiction shows that I still find watchable; Lost In Space (my favorite as a kid) is slow as molasses, and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea is just cheesy (though the original movie is still fun). Land of the Giants was so creepy to me as a kid that I haven't yet mustered the courage to watch it as an adult.

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