/ Jason Weisberger / 7 am Fri, May 16 2014
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  • Boing Boing Buyer's Guide to Time

    Boing Boing Buyer's Guide to Time

    Interested in Time? Can never get enough? The Boing Boing Buyer's Guide to Time seeks to help, but may distract you even more!


    When we think of Time, here are a few favorite things that come to mind...

    This incredible TV series introduced me to the idea of time travel:The Time Tunnel: The Complete Series [Region 2]

    A charming, timeless alarm... Kikkerland Retro Alarm Clock

    The Doctor has travelled with so many companions, K9 is our choice! Doctor Who K-9 Bobble Head

    H. Beam Piper's Paratime police keep time safe for us all: The Complete Paratime

    The most legit Time of all time... Morris Day and the Time, What Time is it?

    What are yours?