Cute mermaid tail blanket

This mermaid blanket would be just the thing when binge-watching H2O: Just Add Water or Mako Mermaids. Available in blue or pink from Firebox. (via Laughing Squid) Read the rest

How to make an origami dollar bill guitar

This nifty tutorial from JustOrigami shows how to make a dollar origami guitar, a fun way to present a cash gift to someone, especially if they enjoy or play music. Read the rest

Bondic: multipurpose liquid UV-curing plastic adhesive

Bondic is a UV-curing liquid plastic adhesive that can stick together materials that usually require different kinds of glues to bond. Read the rest

Boing Boing Buyer's Guide to Time

Interested in Time? Can never get enough? The Boing Boing Buyer's Guide to Time seeks to help, but may distract you even more!

Adventure Time Jake-in-Pocket Tee

An Adventurer is you!

Paying homage to the many times Jake has shrunk down to ride in Finn's pocket, this Adventure Time tee is a great gift for any fan! Read the rest


Somehow I missed the announcement for this fantastic LEGO R2D2. This Ultimate Collector Series kit is just beautiful.

Packed with several of R2s coolest tools, my favorite detail is the extendable rotary cutting arm (it deploys via a lever on R2s back!) The completed droid stands just over 1 foot tall and is comprised of just over 2,000 pieces.

This kit also comes complete with a lovely display placard and an R2D2 minifig.

LEGO Ultimate Collector Series R2D2 Read the rest