Judges read XKCD

Mitchell sez, "On May 14 the California Court of Appeal issued an opinion [PDF] in Digital Music News v. Superior Court, relating to copyright infringement litigation over Grooveshark. The opinion, which held that website owners don't have to turn over the identities of anonymous commenters, drops an XKCD reference near its end: 'We will not lightly lend the subpoena power of the courts to prove, in essence, that Someone Is Wrong On The Internet.'"

Notable Replies

  1. Soon to have an opposite ruling in Atlanta, setting the stage for an XKCD Scotus showdown!

  2. So will we be expecting rooms filled with colourful balls in government buildings?

  3. this just in: judges are people, too, and read stuff on the internet!

  4. I'm an appellate court staff attorney, which means that I draft opinions and other court dispositions, and I read XKCD. I wouldn't intentionally sneak in a reference that a judge didn't get, but it could happen. Judges mostly don't do first drafts. Or yeah, the judge could be an XKCD fan. One of my regrets in my job is that I haven't yet had the nerve to propose a Calvinball reference.

  5. (A few hundred years ago in England)

    Lawyer 1: ... and I refer the court to the case of...

    Lawyer 2: Objection! We did that last time, remember?

    Judge: Sustained. New rule! All lawyers must now wear these silly wigs in court.

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